Is it possible to extend the bus width from 32bit(16 for I,16 for Q) to 64bit(32 for I, 32 for Q) in HDL QAM Transmitter and Receiver?

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Is there a setting for something like this as I mentioned in the title? Or is it possible to do it manually? If possible where should I start?
Thank you.

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Kranti Balaga
Kranti Balaga il 28 Set 2022
We dont have an option to do automatically by configuring a parameter. You can start changing the symbol modulator and pulse shaping filter output datatypes as per your requirement.
Receiver side, it will work, but you need to see whether any of the receive subsystems like AGC, NCO, time recovery output datatypes limited to 16bit. You can change those data types according to your requirement.
Having higer bitwidths increase the precision but, timing and resources will increases and ADC/DAC may not operate at 32bit/64bit.

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