plotting a graph in a range

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Seungryul Lee
Seungryul Lee on 27 Sep 2022
Answered: Torsten on 27 Sep 2022
Hi, I want to plot a graph of the value of ratio as a function of the temperature in the range of 283k to 313k.
R = 2.303 * 8.314;
T = 273 + 20;
F = 96500;
ratio = @(eqv,z) exp(eqv*(z*F)/(R*T));
%I'm using eqv=-0.06, z=1 for the ratio function.
ratio = @(T,eqv,z) exp(eqv*(z*F)/(R*T));
T = (283:313);
plot(T, ratio(T,-0.06,1))
This is the code I have for the ratio function, and the last three lines are what I did for plotting, but it's giving an error about the matrix dimension, the ratiov function, and the plot also.
Please help!
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 27 Sep 2022
R = 2.303 * 8.314;
F = 96500;
ratio = @(T,eqv,z) exp(eqv*(z*F)./(R*T));
T = 283:313;
plot(T, ratio(T,-0.06,1))

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