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C++ code generation: is it possible to put struct declaration in a namespace?

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I am generating C++ code using Embedded Coder in v2021b. I am able to put the generated class in my chosen namespace via the Code Interface dialog:
But in my model i am using various buses, which are translated in C++ structs, which in turn reside in the global namespace.
Is there a way to specify a namespace for these structs too?

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Yoga il 10 Set 2023
I understand that you want to specify a namespace for structs that result out of the various buses you use in the model. This is possible by interactively configuring the C++ resultant code.
I hope this helps resolve your issue.
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fraben il 13 Set 2023
Hello Yoga,
Thanks for your answer! I skimmed through the page you linked, but it seems to be only possible to wrap the model's class in a namespace.
I already did that, but from what i understand i can't control the namespace which will contain the structs corresponding to the buses entering/exiting the model: they, indeed, reside in the global namespace.

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