Generate complex noise samples from noise power (which is unknown) and known SNR.

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I have generated complex signal samples using :
s = randn(3,4) + 1j*randn(3,4);
Then I want to generate a white noise as complex samples; then add them to the source signal (s). I have the SNR, and I want the generated signal to be based on the specified SNR; to get logic results in my simulation.
How can I create the white noise samples based on the SNR (I don't have Psignal and Pnoise, but I can assume one of the powers is known but don't know what values to assume)? I don't want to used awgn because it assumes 0dB as the power of the source signal.

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Santosh Fatale
Santosh Fatale il 3 Ott 2022
Hi Yara,
I understand that you want to generate complex noise signal and add it to original signal and that you know about SNR and you can assume signal/noise power.
I want to bring to your notice that in “awgn” function you can specify the signal power. The syntax is as follows:
y = awgn(x,snr,signalpower)
You can check out the awgn function link for more details.


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