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I want to get "TASKING Smartcode" but I keep getting an error

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I went to the TASKING SMARTCODE site because I wanted to install the TASKING free compiler from the above site.
However, even though I entered all the necessary information, when I click the SUBMIT button, I keep getting an error message saying "This field is required"
Since the recorded content is personal information, it has been deleted from the image with a blue box.
I want to receive TASKING SMARTCODE, but I keep getting an error on the site. What should I do?
And how do I purchase the board below, and I am currently using it based on TC375TP, but is it not compatible with this MCU?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 3 Ott 2022
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 3 Ott 2022
Which fields did it list in the Please correct the errors below section ?
Please make sure that you are accepting cookies from that particular site, and that you are permitting javascript from the site to run.
Unfortunately I cannot test myself as the terms listed on the page indicate that it is for customers of a product, but I am not a customer of the product.
윤섭 il 3 Ott 2022
I'm using the Chrome web browser, and I think I've entered all the items normally.
However, in the last "Company" item, I entered the company name I belong to normally, but the error "This field is required" keeps popping up even when I click the SUBMIT button.

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윤섭 il 3 Ott 2022
Spostato: Walter Roberson il 3 Ott 2022
When I ran it using the Firefox web browser, it worked just fine.
thank you so much

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