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Is there a free online course to learn a tool called "System Composer"?

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I want to learn a tool called "System Composer"
Are there any free online classes?
I wish Korean subtitles were provided
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윤섭 il 3 Ott 2022
I am using MATLAB R2022B and would like to use the included System Composer
Are there any lectures that teach you from the basics?
It would be better if there were Korean subtitles

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Yoga il 16 Feb 2023
Hi 윤섭!
System composer is a toolbox associated with Simulink. It is used for modelling physical system designs. It has a sequence diagram editor product inbuilt as well.
I am not sure if there any official tutorials as such for System composer, but there are many text and video sources out there that can help you!
A walkthrough of a basic system composer example:
More detailed system composer concepts:
System composer examples:
YouTube Video sources:


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