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Problem with external mode and model running on target hardware

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When attempting to connect a model running on the target hardware I encounter "External mode simulation is not supported for models with local messages."
I can't find anywhere in the documentation that describes how to send messages within a state chart without using "local message". Neither can I find this limitation listed under the "External Mode" settings when running on hardware.
Does anyone have any advice?

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Yoga il 10 Set 2023
I understand that you are unable to connect a model running on your target hardware.
Local messages in Stateflow charts are used for communication between different states or components within a chart and are not designed to be exchanged with the external environment or hardware. If you can eliminate the use of local messages within your Stateflow chart, this would be the easiest solution. Try to use other Stateflow constructs like events, data, or transitions to achieve your desired behavior without local messages.
I hope this helps resolve your issue.
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Graham Cotgreave
Graham Cotgreave il 11 Set 2023
Thanks for the information. On the advice of a visiting MW representative, we achieved a workround, by sending the messages externally and reading them back. Good to know there may have been other solutions.
Maybe the documentation could be updated to refect this?

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