Browsing the subsystem inside model using mscript

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Im creating a GUI. Is it possible for me to browse the particular subsystem inside the model using mscripts.
Im able to browse the model using uigetfile. But is there any commands which can browse the particular subsystem using any functions.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 10 Ott 2022
You can use open_system to open a Simulink model to some subsystem inside the model. The second parameter to open_system should be 'window'.
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Aravind Sivanesan
Aravind Sivanesan il 10 Ott 2022
open_system is working expected. But we need to manually give the subsystem level.
Is there any function like uigetfile , to get the subsystem from browser ?
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 11 Ott 2022
Yes you can do this with open_system also. Type "doc open_system" in MATLAB to get examples. Something like:
open_system('main_file/subsystem1/subsystem2', 'window');
The first argument is the full path down to the subsystem level. Note that this may not work if your subsystem is actually a reference model or in a library which is a different file.

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