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PChoppala il 14 Ott 2011
Commentato: Fatima il 4 Dic 2023
I have a default view of Matlab. I want to see the editor, command window, workspace, current folder and the figures in the same window. I am using version 7.11
Currently, the editor and the figures come in separate windows, and the main screen has command, workspace & current folder.
Can any advise help please?

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Naz il 14 Ott 2011
at the right top corner of the editor window there is a little 'down' arrow(to dock window). Press on it and the editor will be docked to your main matlab window
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Gianmichele Arrighetti
Gianmichele Arrighetti il 5 Mag 2016
Wow ! Thanks.
Kailash Choudhary
Kailash Choudhary il 19 Ago 2018
thanks. it working

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David il 29 Ago 2016
The little arrow isn't in the top right of the editor window anymore. Can I still dock the editor in 2015b?
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David il 29 Ago 2016
Yes. It's not a little arrow anymore, its a downward triangle in a circle, still near the top right. Or use CTRL-SHIFT-D to dock any window in your foreground, CTRL-SHIFT-U to undock.

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Sayeda Azmee
Sayeda Azmee il 28 Apr 2017
I want the new script to appear above the MAtLAB command window in R2016 version. I tried docking the editor but the editor appears adjacent to the command window. I want the script to appear above the command window not in separate window. Any suggestions???
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 28 Apr 2017
See Stephen's answer here.

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