time for parameter estimation using ode 45

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nado on 19 Oct 2022
Answered: Rajiv Singh on 7 Nov 2022
Hello everyone,
I used lsqnonlin to find unknown parameters of an ODE. However, when i run the script, it is taking a long time. Until now, it tooks 25 min and it's the first time i encounter this !
The system i'm solvin consists of 3x3 matrix.
Do you think the time for this is reasonable or there is something going wrong ???
I searched a lot on how to know whether the script is stuck somewhere but i didn't succeed.
Based on your experience, is there any method to know where the code is stuck ?
nado on 19 Oct 2022
I tried ode15s and it works !!!
Thanks a lot !!!

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Rajiv Singh
Rajiv Singh on 7 Nov 2022

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