Creating a Closed loop transfer function of a model

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I am attempting to make a closed loop transfer function of the picture below (please dont make fun of my amazing microsoft paint skills). The code I have is posted below I am not sure what I am doing wrong exactly. I think I have both the forward and return sections correct, thank you for any help in advance!
G1 = tf([1 1],[1 3 14]);
G2 = tf([5],[1 7 2]);
h = 15;
loop1 = feedback(G1,h);
loop2 = feedback(G1*G2,1);
gcl = feedback(G1*G2,h)
gcl = 5 s + 5 ----------------------------------- s^4 + 10 s^3 + 37 s^2 + 179 s + 103 Continuous-time transfer function.

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Paul on 20 Oct 2022
Edited: Paul on 20 Oct 2022
Hi Jacob,
Perhaps a clue is that the code doesn't use loop1 after it's computed. Once you have loop1, how does it relate to G2 and the outer feedback loop?
Jacob Huhtala
Jacob Huhtala on 20 Oct 2022
OHHH I understand now you are right, I can use loop1 to create a new feedback loop that involves G2! I get it, thank you so much!

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