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draw rod shape trajectory

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Yumeng Yin
Yumeng Yin il 28 Ott 2022
Risposto: Jim Riggs il 28 Ott 2022
Hi all, I want to draw a rod's trajectory in Matlab. I have already have the center points' movement and also a version of simplifying the rod to a line. I am wondering whether it is possible to change this line to a 3D rod shape. I saw ellipsoid() function to create ellipsoids. And patch() function can help vary the color of lines with respect to time. I want to combine those two and show an ellipsoid's movement with changing colors respect to time. The best case to show the rod is cylindrical with hemisphere head, but didn't find how to do that, so can use ellipsoid as an eclectic choice. Thanks.

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Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs il 28 Ott 2022
You might want to give this a try:


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