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Make a video from images in while loop

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Hello I had a video that I separated to "n" frames, I apply a segmentation on them and now I would like to make the video again from that frames. But I do not want to save it in file. Only make a variable in matlab.
How can I do that.
Thank you so much.

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KALYAN ACHARJYA il 29 Ott 2022
#Ensure that all images having same size & format
images_data=dir('*.jpg') ;
writerObj=VideoWriter('Video_test.avi'); % Change the video file name
%Change the frame rate as per requirements
writerObj.FrameRate = 5;
open(writerObj); % Open Video writer
% write the frames to the video
for i=1:length(images_data)
image_data=images_data(i).name ;
vid_file= getframe(gcf); % Get the displayed image/figure
writeVideo(writerObj,vid_file); % write video
#Check the video file at Current Working Diretory (File Name: Video_test)

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