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Assign values to cell array which is preallocated with for loop

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numEleIndexVector = length(freqIntervCntr); %11
numEleFreqFiltered = length(frequencyFiltered); %619
indexCell = cell(1,numEleIndexVector);
indexCell(1:numEleIndexVector) = {NaN(1,numEleFreqFiltered)};
%divider_freq = 0.05
for i = 0:(numEleIndexVector-1)
for j = 1:numEleFreqFiltered
if i == 0
indexCell{1,1+i} = find(frequencyFiltered(j) <= divider_freq);
indexCell{1,i+1} = find((divider_freq*(i)) < frequencyFiltered(j) & frequencyFiltered(j) <= (divider_freq*(i+1)));
Hey guys, I want to to find the indices which are meeting the defined conditions.
Also I would like to delete all of the NaN values left in the cell afterwards.
Grateful for any help!
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Khushboo il 4 Nov 2022
Could you please give more details regarding what are the array values of frequencyFiltered? It would also be helpful if you could give an idea what exactly are you trying to do and the expected output.

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Santosh Fatale
Santosh Fatale il 11 Nov 2022
Hi Dennis,
I investigated the code provided by you, and below is the modified code that I think will achieve the desired output.
frequencyFiltered = randi(100, 619, 1);
numEleIndexVector = 11
numEleFreqFiltered = length(frequencyFiltered); %619
indexCell = cell(1, numEleIndexVector);
% indexCell(1:numEleIndexVector) = {NaN(1,numEleFreqFiltered)};
divider_freq = 2
for i = 0:(numEleIndexVector-1)
% Note that I removed the extra for loop here.
if i == 0
indexCell{1,1+i} = find(frequencyFiltered <= divider_freq);
indexCell{1,i+1} = find((divider_freq*(i)) < frequencyFiltered & frequencyFiltered <= (divider_freq*(i+1)));
You do not need internal loop with variable 'j', which was a part of the earlier code.
For information about function "find" and "cell", check out following links.

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