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how to do feature extraction in matlab

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철현 il 6 Nov 2022
: I want to do feature extraction using the resnet18 model in matlab. I'm trying to input by doing the image file I have and extracting the feature through resnet, but I don't know how to proceed at all, so I'm posting a question...!
: matlab에서 resnet18 모델을 이용해서 feature extraction을 하려고 합니다. input을 제가 가지고 있는 이미지 파일을 하고, resnet을 통해 feature를 뽑아내는 방식으로 하려고 하는데, 어떻게 진행하면 될지에 대해 감이 아예 안 잡혀 질문을 올립니다....!

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Shreyansh Mehra
Shreyansh Mehra il 9 Nov 2022
Modificato: Shreyansh Mehra il 9 Nov 2022
The following MATLAB documentation contains an example that uses RESNET -18 network to extract features of input images and might be of help.
For more information regarding Feature extraction using MATLAB, feel free to refer to the following documentation


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