Error in Reinforce learning toolbox

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주승 이
주승 이 on 6 Nov 2022
Answered: Shreyansh Mehra on 9 Nov 2022
I'm trying to simulation Reinforce learning.
So, I'm following "" this link to study of DDGP.
An error occurs when running
criticOptions = rlOptimizerOptions('LearnRate',1e-03,'GradientThreshold',1);
critic = rlQValueFunction(criticNetwork,ObservationInfo,ActionInfo,...
error message is : 'rlOptimizerOptions'은(는) 인식할 수 없는 함수 또는 변수입니다.(is an unrecognized function or variable)
I think this message is doesn't installed Reinforce learning toolbox in my matlab.
but im already installed Reinforce learning toolbox. (i'm already check in my Addon)
Same message at 'rlOptimizerOptions', 'rlQValueFunction', 'rlOptimizerOptions', 'rlContinuousDeterministicActor' too.
My matlab version is ' (R2021b) Update 4'

Answers (1)

Shreyansh Mehra
Shreyansh Mehra on 9 Nov 2022
Please refer to the following MATLAB Answers post, which presents solutions that are possibly relevant to this error message




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