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Pressure Intensifier, The example shows how to model, parameterize, and test a pressure intensifier in examples section of simulink

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hi, The command used to open Practice examples for a Pressure Intensfier in simulink is not working in this case.
the code is sscfluids_pressure_intensifier
kindly reach me out.

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Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino il 9 Nov 2022
I wonder if you have the corresponding Toolbox; in this case it is Simulink Fluid.
Check and see if Simulink Fluid is available for you by typing
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MATLAB Version: (R2022b) Update 1 MATLAB License Number: 0 Operating System: Linux 5.4.209-0504209-generic #202208031145 SMP Wed Aug 3 12:39:06 UTC 2022 x86_64 Java Version: Java 1.8.0_292-b10 with AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MATLAB Version 9.13 (R2022b) Simulink Version 10.6 (R2022b) 5G Toolbox Version 2.5 (R2022b) Aerospace Blockset Version 5.3 (R2022b) Aerospace Toolbox Version 4.3 (R2022b) Antenna Toolbox Version 5.3 (R2022b) Audio Toolbox Version 3.3 (R2022b) Automated Driving Toolbox Version 3.6 (R2022b) Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 4.16.1 (R2022b) Bluetooth Toolbox Version 1.1 (R2022b) Communications Toolbox Version 7.8 (R2022b) Computer Vision Toolbox Version 10.3 (R2022b) Control System Toolbox Version 10.12 (R2022b) Curve Fitting Toolbox Version 3.8 (R2022b) DO Qualification Kit Version 3.14 (R2022b) DSP System Toolbox Version 9.15 (R2022b) Database Toolbox Version 10.4 (R2022b) Datafeed Toolbox Version 6.3 (R2022b) Deep Learning Toolbox Version 14.5 (R2022b) Econometrics Toolbox Version 6.1 (R2022b) Embedded Coder Version 7.9 (R2022b) Filter Design HDL Coder Version 3.1.12 (R2022b) Financial Instruments Toolbox Version 3.5 (R2022b) Financial Toolbox Version 6.4 (R2022b) Fixed-Point Designer Version 7.5 (R2022b) Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Version 3.0 (R2022b) Global Optimization Toolbox Version 4.8 (R2022b) HDL Coder Version 4.0 (R2022b) HDL Verifier Version 7.0 (R2022b) IEC Certification Kit Version 3.20 (R2022b) Image Acquisition Toolbox Version 6.7 (R2022b) Image Processing Toolbox Version 11.6 (R2022b) Industrial Communication Toolbox Version 6.1 (R2022b) Instrument Control Toolbox Version 4.7 (R2022b) LTE Toolbox Version 3.8 (R2022b) MATLAB Compiler Version 8.5 (R2022b) MATLAB Compiler SDK Version 7.1 (R2022b) MATLAB Report Generator Version 5.13 (R2022b) Mapping Toolbox Version 5.4 (R2022b) Mixed-Signal Blockset Version 2.3 (R2022b) Model Predictive Control Toolbox Version 8.0 (R2022b) Navigation Toolbox Version 2.3 (R2022b) Optimization Toolbox Version 9.4 (R2022b) Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 7.7 (R2022b) Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Version 3.9 (R2022b) Phased Array System Toolbox Version 4.8 (R2022b) Powertrain Blockset Version 1.12 (R2022b) Predictive Maintenance Toolbox Version 2.6 (R2022b) RF Blockset Version 8.4 (R2022b) RF Toolbox Version 4.4 (R2022b) Requirements Toolbox Version 2.1 (R2022b) Risk Management Toolbox Version 2.1 (R2022b) Robotics System Toolbox Version 4.1 (R2022b) Robust Control Toolbox Version 6.11.2 (R2022b) Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox Version 2.4 (R2022b) SerDes Toolbox Version 2.4 (R2022b) Signal Processing Toolbox Version 9.1 (R2022b) SimBiology Version 6.4 (R2022b) SimEvents Version 5.13 (R2022b) Simscape Version 5.4 (R2022b) Simscape Driveline Version 3.6 (R2022b) Simscape Electrical Version 7.8 (R2022b) Simscape Fluids Version 3.5 (R2022b) Simscape Multibody Version 7.6 (R2022b) Simulink 3D Animation Version 9.5 (R2022b) Simulink Check Version 6.1 (R2022b) Simulink Code Inspector Version 4.2 (R2022b) Simulink Coder Version 9.8 (R2022b) Simulink Control Design Version 6.2 (R2022b) Simulink Coverage Version 5.5 (R2022b) Simulink Design Optimization Version 3.12 (R2022b) Simulink Design Verifier Version 4.8 (R2022b) Simulink PLC Coder Version 3.7 (R2022b) Simulink Real-Time Version 8.1 (R2022b) Simulink Report Generator Version 5.13 (R2022b) Simulink Test Version 3.7 (R2022b) Stateflow Version 10.7 (R2022b) Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Version 12.4 (R2022b) Symbolic Math Toolbox Version 9.2 (R2022b) System Identification Toolbox Version 10.0 (R2022b) Text Analytics Toolbox Version 1.9 (R2022b) Vehicle Dynamics Blockset Version 1.9 (R2022b) Vehicle Network Toolbox Version 5.3 (R2022b) Vision HDL Toolbox Version 2.6 (R2022b) WLAN Toolbox Version 3.5 (R2022b) Wavelet Toolbox Version 6.2 (R2022b) Wireless HDL Toolbox Version 2.5 (R2022b)
in your command window.
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Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh il 9 Nov 2022
yes i do have simscape fluids.
sh_cyl_closed_circuit when i type this code i am getting the model in simulink.
but not for the pressure intensfier code sscfluids_pressure_intensifier
Does your matlab simulink generates this model.

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Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino il 9 Nov 2022
Of course yes.
Why don't you try this:
which sscfluids_pressure_intensifier -all
If this returns the path to the code, it means the slx file exists. If not, it means you do not have that file.
I wonder which MATLAB version you are using to run this script.
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Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh il 17 Nov 2022
Modificato: Deepak Singh il 17 Nov 2022
Hi Mr.Hiro, I hope you are doing well.
I am trying to Build a Pressure intensfier which has the intensification ratio of 26 times with primary diameter of the Piston as 270mm and secondary piston dia 50mm with single hydraulic cylinder.
as per theorotical calculation ie, from P1A1=P2A2, and from Bulk Modulus of the water.
I have Decided the stroke length, input and output pressure etc.
i want to see the output pressure using simulink.
i am not sure whether this model helps having code of (sscfluids_pressure_intensfier).
can you help me out.

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