Removing outliers from Control System response?

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How to remove outliers from a data set that looks like the one pictured?
The data is response of a PID system that will occasionally place a random zero in the output
I cannot remove all zeroes from graph as occisionally system response will actually be zero.
If X is the dataset i know the code will look something like:
I just do not know the proper method to use this function

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Benjamin Campbell
Benjamin Campbell il 14 Nov 2022
It would be best to find the cause of these spurious zero's first, but, if that is not possible to fix - if it is external data or something. An approximate method could be to go through all zeros, and if there is a zero either side to leave it, and if there is a non-zero on both sides to remove it (or make it the average of whatever is either side)

cr il 14 Nov 2022
Check this out.


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