How to access the double cell 5*1 ?

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Abdulmanem Aziza
Abdulmanem Aziza il 29 Nov 2022
Commentato: Vimal il 29 Nov 2022
Can anyone please provide a function for a cell to access the each value in respective column and row ?
5*1 double cell = structure of the data . Please find the attachment.
Need support from Level3 Matlab support team. Thank you

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David Hill
David Hill il 29 Nov 2022
Your question is not clear to me. If you just want to access your cell array.
f{1}(2,3) %first cell, row 2 column 3
ans = -0.5459
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Vimal il 29 Nov 2022
Thanks now I will do it myself.

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson il 29 Nov 2022
You could use cell2mat to convert the 5x1 cell-array with elements n_j x 3 into a matrix with n_many x 3 and then proceed as per usual with regular matrices. Or you could handle each cell-element at a time:
for i1 = 1:size(vims,1)
currArray = vims{i1};
% the operations you want to do on each row in each cell-element goes
% here
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Vimal il 29 Nov 2022
I already convert it but it should be seperated as per requirements like there are 5 rows so each row include 3 column. If I want to change the data structure from n rows* 15 column. After 3 column, new column will be new raw of the current data sets. Hence you understand the concept of the structure of data but I want to it for millions of data hence it should be in loop and easy to access. Thank you

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