guys i need help it says that it cant identify the being that the app.Axes3 is the name of the current app designer folder im working on plz help

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 30 Nov 2022
Looks like you forgot you were in AppDesigner and reverted to GUIDE programming. In App Designer you use app, not handles. So instead of you would just have app.UIAxes3. Don't use handles anywhere in your App Designer program because handles is only for GUIDE.
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jana il 1 Dic 2022
also i just want to say that when i imported the image fisrt tiem it worked then i added a new image but the changes still happened on the first on i didnt understand the issue
jana il 1 Dic 2022
sorry for dusturbing another thing is that the fisrt tiem the button and the left interface worked well for importing and all that the second time i tried it it stopped working eventhough i didnt change a thing

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