pleasee please i need help with this code in app designer

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im working on appdesigner this is the code for a button to import an image to an axes(the place for the image to appear in) the interface is shown down left /the name of the axes is UIAxes (the place where i want my picture to be shown) but i keep getting this error and when the image imports ,its isshown in a different tab not in the wated place in my interface (UIAxes)what the solution please and heres the image

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DGM il 30 Nov 2022
Modificato: DGM il 30 Nov 2022
The character 'a' isn't valid data for plot(). You might mean
... but passing an image to plot() isn't likely to do anything but create a bunch of nonsense.
That said, you're already displaying the image a by doing
... so I don't see why the plot() call is even necessary. You could perhaps be more explicit with imshow():
As an aside, I don't know why you're setting the 'filename' field to a. Why would a filename be image data? Maybe you meant

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