uidropdown does not extend beyond its parent figure

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I'm working on a small options window which contains a drop down created with the uidropdown function. When opening the drop down menu to select an option, the menu does not extend beyond its parent (which is fatal since the window is too small to navigate the drop down properly).
Since I'm rewriting an old GUI I know that a popupmenu created with the uicontrol function does extend beyond its parent figure but this is not available for apps created with uifigure.
Therefore, is there a workaround that does not involve using uicontrol or am I just missing an important uidropdown property?

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Max Kehrer
Max Kehrer il 19 Dic 2022
So I have contacted MathWorks and it seems that this is currently expected behavior. But however, there is an enhancement request for exactly this behavior.
For now I've decided on using a larger window with a list box.

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cr il 5 Dic 2022
You are right, this doesn't seem to be a bug. Since the child objects cant extend beyond parent containers. However, in R2022b on OSX the issue isn't fatal. I'm still able to select an item far down as I can see a scroll bar.
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Max Kehrer
Max Kehrer il 6 Dic 2022
Okay, well it is good to know that this is ineed not a bug and thank you for taking the time to recreate the problem yourself.
The problem for me is not that the drop down is not usable at all, but seeing only one option basically defeats the purpose of using a drop drown in my opinion.
cr il 6 Dic 2022
You may try replacing dropdown with a list box. That would create a small scrollbar and will allow you to do selections.

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