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Designing a DPCM encoder and decoder with a Quantization being either Mid-Rise or Mid-Tread

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I want to desing a DPCM encoder and decoder, and I need it to be more flexible in terms of Applications.
Thus, I want the Qunatization to be toggled to be either Mid-Rise or Mid-Tread. And, the Predictator to be either first order or second order based on the user's choice. I am still quite lost on how to do it, thus I would apprechiate any guidance.

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Ganapathi Subramanian
Ganapathi Subramanian il 26 Mag 2023
Hi Abdelrhman,
It is my understanding that you are working on Differential Pulse Code Modulation technique and wants to know how the quantization to be implemented either in Mid-Rise or Mid-Tread. Please refer to the below documentation to know about DPCM and ‘quantiz’ function as these are essential for implementing them.
Refer to the below code for implementing Mid-Rise uniform quantization.
% Sample signal
x = [-3.5 -2.5 -0.9 1.3 2.6];
% Set number of quantization levels
N = 8;
% Set quantization step size
Delta = 1 ;
% Set quantization levels for midrise quantizer
L = linspace(-4+(Delta/2),4-(Delta/2),N);
% Perform midrise quantization
x_quantized = quantiz(x, L, Delta);
% Display results
disp("Original Signal: ");
disp("Midrise Quantizer Levels: ");
disp("Quantized Signal: ");
To toggle between Mid-Rise and Mid-Thread, you can use conditional statements to implement the quantizer.

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