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error in imshow()

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abhinav il 20 Ott 2011
imshow() function is not working in my matlab2010.i got a solution as disable -nojvm option....but dont know how to disable it...plz help. plzzz answer me as early as possible.

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Naz il 20 Ott 2011
imshow() does not take any matrix, the values mast be of some format (i am not sure). You can use imagesc(), which, I think, can take pretty much anything. If you want your image to be grayscale, do colormap('gray')

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 20 Ott 2011
Are you running in Mac OS Lion, and is using imshow crashing MATLAB?
If so could you double check to see whether you are perhaps running R2009A or earlier? R2009A or earlier together with Lion is has a known problem with imshow()
Note that if you use -nojvm then you will probably not be able to display any graphics include using imshow()


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