How to create a DLL file from .cpp and .h in Matlab?

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I am currently using a temperature module, MAX6675, the library of the module is downloaded from Arduino (see picture). But now I would like to use this library on Matlab.
One of the solution will be creating a DLL file from the header file .h and source file .c from the Arduino library. So that the function inside the source file can be used directly in MATLAB. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
How to create a DLL file from .cpp and .h files in Matlab? Because the Matlab coder and Matlab compiler are only allow .m file to do the conversion.

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cr il 14 Dic 2022
Modificato: cr il 14 Dic 2022
You dont need matlab to compile C/cpp files. Just need a c/cpp compiler.
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gdz il 15 Dic 2022
Modificato: gdz il 15 Dic 2022
I used VS to create the dll file, but it failed. The error message said unable open "Arduino.h", “int8_t" is not defined, and "uint8_t" is not defined.Should I try to include "Arduino.h" to the VS? Or Arduino code is not working vs?
cr il 15 Dic 2022
VS can compile c/c++ code and produce you a dll. Needless to mention, all required libraries and headers must be included to compile without errors.

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