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How to convert a multidimensional matrix into 2D ?

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Vladimir il 15 Dic 2022
Risposto: Santosh Fatale il 15 Dic 2022
I have a 101x101x101 matrix. In order to plot it, I need to convert it to 2D. How can this be done ?

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Santosh Fatale
Santosh Fatale il 15 Dic 2022
Hi Vladimir,
There are multiple options to do so.
Option 1: Use the "reshape" function
  • You can change the matrix dimension by using the "reshape" function. Note that, "reshape" function reads elements of matrix columnwise first and then row-wise for reshaping it. For more information, you can check the documentation for "reshape".
Option 2: Write a simple code, as below, to stack matrices one after another.
NewA = zeros(101*101, 101); % A is original matrix.
% Here I am stacking 2-D matrices after one another with respect to the third
% dimension
for idx3 = 1 : 101
NewA(1+((idx3-1)*101):(idx3*101),:) = A(:,:,idx3);


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