While integrating polyspace 2019a with Matlab 2019a Im getting an error stating undefined function or variable 'polyspacesetup'

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I'm using Polyspace 2019a and I want to integrate it with MATLAB 2019a. So I've tried polyspacesetup('install') but it shows "Undefined function or variable 'polyspacesetup' ". So how can I solve this type of issue? Thanks in advance.

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Anirban on 3 Jan 2023
Edited: Anirban on 3 Jan 2023
The syntax:
Is immediately available only from R2021a.
In R2019a, you have to do a few steps prior to executing this function. In particular, you have to navigate (cd) to a specific folder polyspaceroot\toolbox\polyspace\pscore\pscore\. Here, polyspaceroot is the Polyspace installation folder, for instance, C:\Program Files\Polyspace\R2019a.

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