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How do I download and install documentation on offline machines?

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R2023a and later

Follow the instructions from the appropriate link below. The page also includes the UI to download the documentation.
Latest full release of MATLAB
For previous releases, starting with R2023a:
  1. Visit this link
  2. Select the desired release
  3. On the right side of the screen, select "Installation Help"
  4. In the center of the screen, select the link "Install Products"
  5. Under the section with the header "Documentation", select "Install Documentation on Offline Machines"
Please note that if you are using Linux, you should not install the documentation as the root user. Otherwise, documentation will only be accessible to the root user.
If you need to change MATLAB settings to use offline documentation and do not have access to the MATLAB GUI, run the command below in the MATLAB Command Window:


Note: If using a version of the MATLAB Package Manager (MPM) that is not included with the documentation ISO, you will need to point the --source flag to the /archives folder of the mounted ISO, rather than just the root of it. This should not be necessary if using the MPM that is packaged with the ISO.


R2022b and older

Documentation is installed during installation and there are no options during installation to exclude it. You may use Preferences in MATLAB to specify to use offline documentation rather than online documentation.

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