Replacing specific block with subsystems

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I want to replace all the 'Memoey ' blocks in a model with a subsystem which would have the functionality of 'Memory' block. But the initial condition to the 'Memory' block should be passed from From workspace block as the initial conditions are changed frequently. I have the initial conditions stored in an array. Any help is appreciated. I am using MATLAB 2020a

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 24 Gen 2023
Here is one way. I think you would just use a constant block rather than From Workspace because From Workspace is looking to use a time sampled array or table, something like that.
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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 25 Gen 2023
After the first update, a memory block would make the output equal to input. This is what "initial condition" means. Or you may find that the Delay block is a better behavior, since it should be that output is delayed one step from the current input. You may experiment.
I do not know whether the From Workspace block can do what you want. Here is a link with more information.
Anubhav Routray
Anubhav Routray il 13 Mar 2023
Could you please also suggest such a subsystem which would have the functionality of a 'Unit Delay' block?

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