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Polyspace "Maximum Stack Usage" calculation on ARM systems wrong

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I'm wonder about the Maximum Stack Usage results in Polyspace, because they are not divisible by 4, e.g.73 bytes. I've configured -align=32 and -target=arm but this does not help. I'm pretty sure that the target compiler is using for stack allocation always 4 bytes, even if I use a byte, because of architecture needs.
I'm missing some configuration in Polyspace?
Thank you in advance.
Best Mario

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Anirban il 3 Feb 2023
Modificato: Anirban il 3 Feb 2023
-target=arm uses these settings (for the armcc compiler for instance):
As you can see, char is 1 byte for this target. The alignment applies only to char-s embedded in a structure and not to isolated char-s. Let's take this example:
typedef struct {
char charVal;
int intVal;
Record globalRecord;
void init (void) {
Record localRecord = globalRecord;
Here, if you calculate stack usage of the function init with these options:
-main-generator -main-generator-calls unused -align 8 -stack-usage
You see that the stack usage is 5 (char = 1 + int = 4).
If you change to:
-main-generator -main-generator-calls unused -align 32 -stack-usage
You see that the stack usage is 8 (multiple of 4, as you expect). 3 additional bytes were added as padding for storage.
But in either case, if there is an individual char not embedded in an aggregate type, it contributes 1 byte. The requirement for alignment does not apply.




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