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How to return out variable in C# Constructor within MATLAB

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A Mutex constructor uses a out boolean variable
public Mutex (bool initiallyOwned, string? name, out bool createdNew);
How to return both the Mutex and the out boolean in MATLAB
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chrisw23 il 31 Gen 2023
The constructor has 4 overloads. There is no need to use this one.
Try this
Initializes a new instance of the Mutex class with default properties.

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Yoga il 10 Mar 2023
In MATLAB, it is possible to return multiple output arguments from a function using square brackets to enclose the output arguments separated by commas. Here is an example of a function that returns both a mutex and a boolean value:
function [myMutex, myBool] = myFunction()
% Create a mutex and set a boolean value
myMutex = mutex;
myBool = true;
% Do some processing...
% Return the mutex and the boolean value
In the above function, myMutex and myBool are defined as output arguments using square brackets []. The mutex function creates a new mutex object, which can be used to protect shared resources in multithreaded applications. The true value is assigned to myBool.
To call the above function and get both the mutex and the boolean value, you can simply use square brackets to enclose both output arguments, like this:
[myMutex, myBool] = myFunction();
After executing the function, the myMutex and myBool variables will contain the mutex object and the boolean value returned by the function, respectively.




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