"Not enough input arguments" error

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Bidyarani on 30 Jan 2023
Commented: Shreyas on 30 Jan 2023
When I test this code which is shown below. I got an error of " not enough input arguements". How can i solve this error?
Shreyas on 30 Jan 2023
Hello Bidyarani,
You will need to pass the necessary inputs and capture the outputs to run function "admiss_control" as:
[ out_1, out_2, ..] = admiss_control( inp_1, inp_2, inp_3, ..)
in the Command Window.

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Accepted Answer

Tushar Behera
Tushar Behera on 30 Jan 2023
Hi Bidyarani,
I understand that you are getting the "not enough input arguments" error while executing the above code.
The "Not enough input arguments" error in MATLAB occurs when a function is called with fewer input arguments than it is defined to accept. To solve this error, you need to provide the required number of input arguments to the function.
I would suggest starting a debugging session and checking whether all the input arguments such as "new_N", "n_intfs" etc. are getting initialized before line 11 or not. This can be done by setting up break points before line 11 and checking out the variables present in the workspace at that instance.
For further knowledge on how to debug your code using MATLAB, you can use the following link:
I hope this solves your query.

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