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I am an Engineer at Mathworks. My major responsibility includes developing new features for improving functionality of MATLAB.

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Are sim and other similar functions code generateable?
Hi Joshua, I understand that you want to generate c code for a MATLAB Script with commands such as “sim”. The 'sim' command ...

26 giorni fa | 0

How to input power load data from spreadsheet to simulate PV system
Hello Charles Van Eijk, I understand that you are trying to implement a variable load by importing data from a spread sheet. A...

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Plotting solutions of differential equations in Simulink
Hi Aleem Andrew, I believe you are trying to implement t-4x(t)=x’’(t) in Simulink. Your model seems to be correct, and t...

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Symbolic nested summations with empty indexes
Hi Francesco Piccioli, I believe you want to implement Where The code written by you seems fine however I noticed tha...

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binary multiobjective optimization with genetic algorism
Hi Cheol-Joo Cho, I believe you want to implement genetic algorithm to solve a multi objective optimization problem where the ...

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