What is the function of this button? Where is the corresponding official document link?

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I want to know the function of this button, but I can't find the corresponding official document. Does anyone know the corresponding document link? In addition, why is this button placed in this button group? I want to know why.

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 1 Feb 2023
Edited: Dyuman Joshi on 1 Feb 2023
The function of the button is to generate Fixed-point data via a dialog box.
I don't know if there is a documentation specifically for that button (also called Contextual Tabs), here are some related documentation of the fuctionality -
"In addition, why is this button placed in this button group?"
You will have to ask this to the team that developed this functionality.
Sure on 3 Feb 2023
First of all, thank you for your answer, which basically solved my problem.😁👍
But I want to further clarify my second question,"In addition, why is this button placed in this button group?"
You can see that this button group contains many functions related to the code editor, such as refactoring code, code indentation, commenting code, etc. Obviously,these functions belong to the basic functions of matlab products.(By the way, you can see these functions in other code editors when writing other programing languages, such as vscode.)
However, the circled button, which constructs the fixed-point object through the gui dialog box, is related to a kind of the application of matlab, "fpga-asic-and-soc-development".
To sum up, I know that the circled button and other buttons in the button group seem to come from different parts, and the relationship between them is not significant. It's like putting many reindeer and a giraffe in the same cage(Perhaps this analogy is not appropriate)🤨.
Therefore, as a perfectionist, it makes me feel strange. So does this arrangement have a deeper purpose?😂

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