How to make a 'case' go over each element in a vector ?

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I want to modify case 'f' in my function to have it move over each element in a vector.
For example, in the vector TIMES I have elements that are times cues. What I want is, everytime I press f, I get the object tcues updaded to be one element in TIMES. tcues will be used to plot an interactive spectrogram.
TIMES=[590, 1090, 2090];
so every time I press 'f' want to have
tcue = TIMES(1)+floor(NS)-0.5 ;
tcue = TIMES(2)+floor(NS)-0.5 ;
and so forth...
all I have now is
case 'f'
tcue = TIMES()+floor(NS)-0.5 ;
done = 1 ;
Any insigts are appreciated.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 4 Feb 2023
No idea what yoiu want. But it looks like maybe you want a while loop that loops as long as someone hits a key. And we don't know what the switch line looks like because you forgot to include it. Is it testing the character value of the key they typed?

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David Hill
David Hill il 4 Feb 2023
tcue = TIMES+floor(NS)-0.5;


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