Can I import/export IP-XACT files with "readstruct" and "writestruct"?

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I would like to import and export IP-XACT files with a MATLAB script.
I have tried reading an IP-XACT file with "readstruct" and it does provide usable data, but not in a preferred format.   I have also tried using "writestruct" to export a struct, but it does write the data in the IP-XACT format.
Is there a way to import and export IP-XACT files in MATLAB?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 7 Feb 2023
Importing and exporting IP-XACT files in MATLAB is not supported as of R2022b. As IP-XACT files are a type of XML file, you may be able to develop your own algorithms involving "readstruct" and "writestruct" to import and export data in the IP-XACT format.
IP-XACT files are supported by HDL Verifier's Translation Level Model Generation, so it is recommended that you adapt your workflow to incorporate TLM.  You can learn about TLM at the documentation page below:

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