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How do you remove the exponent from all y-axes on a stackploted figure?

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I am trying to change my y-axes so that each one is a decimal instead of #x10^-4. How can I make this change for a stackedplot?

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dpb il 16 Feb 2023
Spostato: dpb il 16 Feb 2023
Some things aren't possible; that's one....see the discussion about what a stackedplot object is in the doc --
s=StackedLineChart object, which is a standalone visualization. Use s to set properties on the stacked plot after creating it.
Standalone Visualization
A standalone visualization is a chart designed for a special purpose that works independently from other charts. Unlike other charts such as plot and surf, a standalone visualization has a preconfigured axes object built into it, and some customizations are not available. ...
Unfortunately, the exposed properties (as you've undobtedly discovered) don't include those pieces of the axes object; the axes has been neutered drastically as to what you can get a handle to, and thereby change.

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dpb il 16 Feb 2023
Modificato: dpb il 17 Feb 2023
Actually, the above isn't true; it turns out you CAN get to the underlying axes objects and they are still "plain, ordinary axes".
I thought I had looked at this before but apparently my recollections were flawed. Try...ohhhh--now, I remember why I had the recollection, even findall won't return the axes from the standalone visualization that it will with hidden handles of regular plots. I don't have time to dig into that at the moment, but the following will work...
hAx=findobj(hS.NodeChildren,'Type','axes'); % find the axes handles that are hidden under NodeChildren
for h=hAx.' % iterate over the collection/array
try % don't crash for a nonnumeric y axes handle
h.YAxis.Exponent=0; % set exponent
h.YAxis.TickLabelFormat='%.0f'; % and to %f format (default is %g)
catch % keep on going if errors on one or more...
Address the individual axes with the subscripting to the axes array.
NOTA BENE: The above will only provide satisfactory results for exponents >0; more subtle logic will be needed to handle general case well.


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