Greek character print in the command window, but not when I publish a script.

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Using the code
fprintf('\x03b1 = %.5d\n',m);
fprintf('\x03b2 = %.5i',b);
I can print alpha and beta characters when I run a script in the command window, but when I try to publish the script as a pdf, both characters are printed as "#".
Is there a setting in "Publish" that can fix this?

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Robert Lilly
Robert Lilly il 28 Feb 2023
Spostato: Walter Roberson il 28 Feb 2023
Changing the publish settings back to "Factory Default" was the easiest solution. Then I just printed the solution as a pdf.

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David Hill
David Hill il 28 Feb 2023
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Robert Lilly
Robert Lilly il 28 Feb 2023
For some reason nothing was working with my publish settings. I tried what you suggested as well as HEX character code, OCT character code, and \alpha and \beta, like the MATLAB documentation suggested. Reverting back to factory publish settings worked though.

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