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How can I use 'mp5xx' target with 'diab' compiler in polyspace 2020 bug finder?

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the target list for diab compiler in polyspace 2020a is limited & as follows:
powerpc, powerpc64, arm, coldfire, i386, mips,mcore,rh850, superh, tricore.
I wanted to use mp5xx or simillar generic (custom) target.
the description for generic target option as given by matlab:
If a target processor is not directly supported by Polyspace®, you can create your own target. You specify the target mcpu representing a generic "Micro Controller/Processor Unit" and then explicitly specify sizes of fundamental data types, endianness and other characteristics.
How can I configure? please advice.

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Anirban il 17 Mar 2023
If you are using the mp5xx target, you can pick powerpc as your target.
For the purposes of a Polyspace analysis, MPC5xx falls in the PowerPC family.




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