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Donal Walsh
Donal Walsh on 12 Mar 2023
Answered: Jan on 12 Mar 2023
Hi, I'm using MATLAB online and am tryhing to get the program to analyse images within a folder on my desktop. I have tried absolutely everything but matlab cannot seem to find any files on my computer at all. the error is presenting with the imagedatastore function. I have tried using dir but that still generates the error file or folders cannot be found. Is this an issue with the permissions due to it being matlab online?
imds = imageDatastore('C:\Users\donal\Desktop\5th Year Semester 2\5BIO7 Advanced Medical Imaging\5BIO7_tutorial\*.jpg');
imgs = readall(imds);
%% Read in image from stack
a = readimage(imds,3); % Read in 3rd image from directory
a = im2gray (a);
a = imresize (a, 0.5); % Resize image to correct format for reconstruction
a = im2double(a); % Convert image to numeric representation

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Jan on 12 Mar 2023


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