How can I set "legend" and "text" to an UIAxes? (app designer)

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Hello, which functions can I use to include legend and text in my App plot? The version for regular code is this one:
legend('datos','ajuste',"location","best");text(10,0.155,strcat('R²= ',Rcuadrado))

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Cameron il 12 Mar 2023
Modificato: Cameron il 12 Mar 2023
You need to specify the axes within App Designer. Try this:
%use whatever your UIAxes name is. I assumed it was app.UIAxes
text(app.UIAxes,10,0.155,strcat('R²= ',Rcuadrado))
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Voss il 12 Mar 2023
The text is placed at the point (10,0.155). The point (10,0.155) is outside the limits of the axes. That's why you don't see the text.

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