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Storing Data and working out an equation

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Sam Butler
Sam Butler il 20 Mar 2023
Risposto: David Hill il 20 Mar 2023
Hi, I am quite new to MATLAB so this may be simple.
I have two variables called Filtered_Gear_rpm and Filtered_NES_rpm that have data in each that make up an array of 40000x1 (for each variable). I have data over a time period of 5 seconds.
The aim is to extract data from each variable between 2 and 3 seconds (16,000th element to 24,000th element) and input each data point into an equation (that contains both Filtered_Gear_rpm and Filtered_NES_rpm) which will then store these values in an array or matrix.
The equation contains both Filtered_Gear_rpm and Filtered_NES_rpm so i presume these will have to be in the same loop.
I have tried using a for loop but I have got no where with it however I think this is the right idea.

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David Hill
David Hill il 20 Mar 2023
Just index, no loop needed.
Filtered_Gear_rpm=rand(40000,1);%sample data
Filtered_NES_rpm=rand(40000,1);%sample data
z=exp(x).*exp(y)+log(x).*log(y)%whatever you equation is
z = 8001×1
2.9771 4.1597 4.9747 3.1445 4.2159 3.1354 3.5721 4.0972 3.0583 3.2426


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