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What does this Serialization phase after the test case execution do and is there any chance to accelerate this phase in Simulink Test R2022a?

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After all test cases are run there's an additional "Serializing simulation data" phase in Simulink Test Manager.
I'm wondering:
  • Why is this phase needed? Why there's a need to serialize ALL results in the Test Manager again?
  • Why does this take so long when having many results? (We run many test cases in a row.)
  • Is there any way to accelerate this phase?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 21 Mar 2023
The "Serializing simulation data" phase should only be hit when exporting test results.
Please check if you have any callbacks or manual settings that automatically export results to files after test execution.
This phase itself during exporting cannot be accelerated but exporting results should only be called when necessary.

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