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Unable to find S-function module in Simulink 3D Animation toolbox

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I am trying to code-generate/build a Simulink model which includes the block Joystick Input. Without the block, the model successfully builds (I'm using Embedded Coder). When I include the block, the model can run, but during code gen, I receive the error "Unable to find S-function module 'joyinput'. S-function modules must exist as either source files or pre-compiled object files on the MATLAB path."
If I type which joyinput in the MATLAB command window it returns C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2022b\toolbox\sl3d\sl3d\joyinput.mexw64
Is this block supported for code generation?

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 21 Mar 2023
Hi PJ,
the Joystick Input block is not supported for code generation. The block uses joystick device I/O of the operating system, in your case Windows. So, any generated code would not be able to run outside Windows anyway. Could you please explain what would be your use case for the generated code?
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PJ il 21 Mar 2023
I want to take an executable of my simulation and place it on a machine without MATLAB. I envisioned being able to plug in a joystick/gamepad to control the sim.

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