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Getting Help to open in new tab of the default browser as opposed to built-in browser

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I remember newer MATLAB versions at some point opening new tabs of my default browser to show documentation, upon pressing F1. But recently, despite the settings screenshotted below, MATLAB (2023a) is back to using its cumbersome internal browser (with no dark mode, etc.) to show documentation.
Any way to get MATLAB to use the OS' default browser again?

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埃博拉酱 il 3 Apr 2023
I was never able to invode the OS browser with F1. Can you give a definite example to prove that you are not mistaken?
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z8080 il 3 Apr 2023
Modificato: z8080 il 3 Apr 2023
For instance pressing F1 when the cursor is in some built-in function, such as plot. I can\t right now prove that the OS browser opened to the Mathworks documentation page, but this definitely happened on some occasions, though it could well have been in a previous version (2022a or 2019b) rather than the current 2023a version.
PS: I think you'll want to post such questions in a comment next time, rather than as an answer.

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