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RF PCB Toolbox import/create custom freeform geometries

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I'm searching for a fast forward solver to compute s-parameters for PCB traces. I've found the RF PCB Toolbox and would like to create custom freeform trace defined for example by a polyline. So far I haven't found any example or question/answer for this problem. Is it possible with this toolbox to create or inport polyline geometries?
Thanks in advance

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Muskan il 21 Apr 2023
Hi Philipp,
As per my understanding of the question, yes it is possible to create custom freeform trace geometries using the RF PCB toolbox.
You can use the "polyshape" function in MATLAB to define the shape of the trace. After this, you can use "importGeometry" function to import the polyline geometry as a trace object.
You can refer to the following documentation for a better understanding:


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