GUI's OpeningFcn is not ran when opened from the explorer, do I have to open GUI to successfully launch my GUI?

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I have a GUI that needs to initialize parameters when the opening function is ran, my problem is however that this program will be used by multiple people and I don't want them opening GUIDE in order to get my GUI running properly.
It appears that when opening my reporting_GUI.fig file from the file pane on the left hand side (double-clicking it) that the GUI opens but the OpeningFcn isn't ran. The only way I am able to get the OpeningFcn to run is by first opening GUIDE, and then clicking RUN.
Is there a better way to open/launch a GUI application without opening GUIDE??

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 26 Mar 2015
You can also call the applicable *.mfile from the Matlab command window..
I think when you double click the *.fig file, matlab opens as it is a figure (hence the *.fig extension), therefore no callback is executed.
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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 26 Mar 2015
I would suggest deploying your guide gui by using deploytool, but it require a Matlab compiler toolbox.
However, i found similat tread suggesting using a batch from the desktop. thread link
Thanks, i learn new thing today..

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Jan il 26 Mar 2015
You cannot start a GUI by opening the FIG file. This is simply not the right way. You need to run the M-file.
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Kellen Madsen
Kellen Madsen il 26 Mar 2015
You can also not run the M-file without doing so by opening it and running it, or calling it from the command line. I understand that you can't open it by running the FIG file... but there should be a better way of launching a GUI that doesn't come at the cost of creating a stand alone program.

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