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How to round numbers using the decimals as a probability?

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Hi, I am trying to create code where the decimals are used as probability of how the value is rounded. For example, I have array of the following values: [ 1.04 ; 0.96 ; 0.22 ; 1.56 ] and for the first element there is a 4% chance the value gets rounded up to 2 and a 96% chance it gets rounded to 1. For the second element there is a 96% probability that it gets rounded up to 1 and a 4% it gets rounded to 0.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 13 Apr 2023
What is the rule? Round down 96% of the time for values with even row numbers, and round down 96% of the time for values with odd row numbers? If so then should that be modified if there are multiple columns ?

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David Hill
David Hill il 13 Apr 2023
A = 1×10
3.8438 8.9825 9.7798 3.3108 6.2760 5.4551 4.8986 1.2530 4.2234 9.1930
B = 1×10
3 9 9 3 7 6 5 1 5 9
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Aron il 13 Apr 2023
Thanks, I changed it to
Because otherwise B is the of the size 3x10.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 13 Apr 2023
No, each entry in A should be rounded individually.

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