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What does joint.MotionSubspace do?

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Haisam Khaled
Haisam Khaled il 13 Apr 2023
Commentato: Haisam Khaled il 21 Apr 2023
It's in the robotics toolbox, I am trying to understand how exactly MATLAB calculates dynamics (and it's fascinating), so I went deep into the internal scripts.
So, please can someone tell me what does "joint.MotionSubspace" do?
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Haisam Khaled
Haisam Khaled il 13 Apr 2023
I found that it assigns a 6x1 matrices but what do those represent actually?
Gokul Nath S J
Gokul Nath S J il 17 Apr 2023
Hi Haisam Khaled,
Can you kindly give us more information and the also mention which example are you trying to understand.

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Muskan il 18 Apr 2023
Hi Haisam,
As per my understanding of the question "joint.MotionSubspace" is a class in MATLAB's Robotics System Toolbox that represents the motion subspace of a joint in a robot manipulator.
You can refer to the following documentation of 'Joint-Space Motion Model' to know more it:

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