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Are the options 'TargetFunctionLibrary' and 'CodeReplacementLibrary' the same ?

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I get a warning, that option for code replacement library ist not set correctly.
We use an m-file to set the configuration. Within this m-file we set the configuration for the option 'TargetFunctionLibrary', but I do not find any help or reference within Matlab, but it seems this option has the same effect like the option 'CodeReplacementLibrary' .
So maybe the options are identical ?

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Muskan il 16 Mag 2023
Hi Roland,
As per my understanding of the question, no, the 'TargetFunctionLibrary' and 'CodeReplacementLibrary' options in MATLAB are not the same.
The 'TargetFunctionLibrary' option is used to specify the library of target-specific functions used in generated code, while the 'CodeReplacementLibrary' option specifies the library of code replacements used to optimize the generated code. These options serve different purposes and are used in different contexts to optimize generated code.
You can refer to the following documentation for a better understanding:

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